Riverine LIFE Platform Meeting - 10-12th September 2014, Tartu, Estonia


Took place in Tartu in Estonia, on 10-12 September, the Riverine Life Platform Meeting, with the aim to bring together riverine conservation practitioners, international researchers and officers from across Europe to discuss some of the key issues regarding the conservation of these species, sharing the experience of completed and ongoing LIFE and other projects and discussing how the LIFE programme can continue to support projects which enhance the conservation status of riverine species and habitats.

Lombardy Region with the help of Province of Varese, the Municipality of Luino and the Ticino Canton organizes a Round Table: "From Lake Ceresio to the Ocean without barriers!"

In this event, we will speak about fish, paying particular attention to the species that have to migrate from the rivers to the sea in a part of their life cycle. The meeting is open to all the local people, local political, cantonal and regional representatives, fishermen and their associations, anglers and the press. This is an opportunity to point out not only the environmental potentiality of the lake and river fish but also its working, gastronomic, commercial and sporting importance.

We shall talk about this on May 5th in Luino, in the splendid Verbania Palace facing Lake Maggiore , during the inauguration day of the highest fish ladder in Europe (23 meters), realized on December 2013.

The meeting will open at 11.30 am with a welcome and introduction of the regional agriculture Minister Gianni Fava and the Commissioner of the Province Dario Galli.

General Descritpion

CON.FLU.PO is the acronym for "Restoring connectivity in the Po river basin opening migratory route for Acipenser naccarii* and 10 fish species in Annex II". The project is co-funded by the European Commission with € 3,496,809 (49,3%) within the LIFE program NAT/11/188 11, amounting to a total of € 7,088,476.

Coordinating beneficiary is the Regione Lombardia - DG Agriculture, while Emilia Romagna Region, the Interregional Agency for the Po River, the Po Basin Authority, Consorzio Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino, the provinces of Piacenza and Rovigo, the Company Graia are associated beneficiaries, with the addition of Enel Green Power SpA as a co-financier. Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, Canton Ticino, Piedmont region, the Veneto Region, the Lombardy Region, DG Systems and green landscape, the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities support the project too.


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