Waterways for small fish

The students of the Institute "A.Moro", Secondary School of Via Vivaldi, (Abbiategrasso (MI)) have published an article in the journal "Il Giorno" on their experience at the Ticino National Park. They have joined the project "life-natura con-flu-Po", thanks to the President Dr. Beltrami. During the visit of the park, the students have released 24 specimens of two-years old Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii). Moreover, in the article they have also made up a playful interview with a freed sturgeon.

The full article in the Press 2016 section.

Record sturgeon caught in the Po River

BORETTO (Mantova). It was about two meters long and weighed between 60 and 80 pounds the sturgeon caught yesterday in the waters of the Po by Yuri Grisendi, experienced fisherman and native of Cavriago Barco Bibbiano. The man, a great connoisseur of the Po and often leading to travel abroad in the major rivers, on Monday was in the waters of the River Po, engaged in the catfish.

On board of a boat specifically used to catch catfish (and then release), he suddenly felt a sharp tug on the line but, as he was by hoisting aboard the fish, he realized that it was not the "usual" prey but rather a splendid sturgeon, about two meters long. Grisendi - with the help of a friend who lives nearby - shooted some souvenir photo of the sturgeon and, within a couple of minutes, he gradually put back in the water: a delicate maneuver for not traumatize the big fish and let him regain confidence with its natural environment, which then continued to swim.

Training days with the French students

The construction site of the fish ladder at the ENEL GP Isola Serafini in Monticelli d'Ongina (PC), welcomed a group of French students, in early December 2015 as part of a cross-border twinning between the Italian Institution Building School in Piacenza and the corresponding French Institute.

Very interesting comparison and exchange of experiences with teachers and students, and great appreciation of the works on site.



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