Action A3: Restoring works of the river corridor continuity, of the control system and other structural interventions planned.

 START: 1/12/2012  - END: 31/12/2013   -  


In order to understand completely these two activities, it is useful to analyse them separately:

1.     Po River: fish ladder design to overcome the barrier of Isola Serafini.

It ended the drafting of the Preliminary project and Final Design, after a complex process.
The implementation phase continues under the Action C1 from 1.1.2014

To get an overview on the design, implementation and functional analysis of the fish pass, refer to this website-dedicated page using the following link.

2.  Study for the identification of the intervention priorities for the fluvial reconnection in the project area.   

The study was prepared on 12.30.2013 and is available in the Documentation section. All information of this study have been organized graphically; has been made a synthetic paper for the sub-basins, for the points of fragmentation and for the practicability.

3. Ticino River: educational pedestrian path linking the existing fish passes at the level of the dams between Porto della Torre and Panperduto.

The final project was delivered on schedule for this action, but the realization of this route under Action E9 is prevented by non-availability of land by an owner; ANAS has given a negative opinion - for security reasons - on a new alternative project developed.



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