Actions of re-inforcement

Action C2: breeding and restocking of Acipenser naccarii and other species of Community Interest in the Rete Natura 2000 sites included in the project area.

The activities under this action can be traced to two main lines of action related to breeding and release of specimens of sturgeon Cobice and four species of cyprinids reofili (Roach, Pigo, Savetta and Barbo Comune) to support populations of these species resulting in decline for the joint action of limiting factors.


Action D2: Monitoring the effectiveness of the repopulation of Acipenser naccarii and other repopulated species.

The ways to implement the monitoring program, which will start from 01.07.2014 and lasted until the end of the project (06.30.2017) , are inserted in two different groups:

1. Sturgeon: for juveniles from the third year of the project will be used by electrofishing annual campaigns aimed at tracing the specimens labeled released. For both adults and sub-adults, we will refer mainly to the 100 sturgeon specimens with ultrasonic emitter, which will be monitored through a series of fixed stations located along the course of the River Po and the fish pass in Isola Serafini, recording pulses different generated by each emitter, will be able to detect the presence of individuals in that particular area. To this is added the activity is directed at the fish pass at Isola Serafini, in fact the filming of the cameras and the ability to keep it in a special cage to catch sturgeon in transit, if it will allow the identification of those marked with microchips, that reports of incidental catches by fishermen who operate along the river involved in the project through an agreement with the associations .

2. Minnows reofili (Roach, Pigo, Savetta and Common Barbo): the monitoring will start from the third year of the project and will consist of electrofishing annual campaigns aimed at tracing the specimens labeled released.


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