Actions of fish ladder

Action A3: Restoring works of the river corridor continuity, of the control system and other structural interventions planned.

This action involves the design of two activities. The first one is the construction of a fish pass to overcome the barrier of Isola Serafini. The second is related to the design of an educational course and accommodation between the fish passes of Porto della Torre and Panperduto, near the Ticino River.
In order to understand completely these two activities, it is useful to analyse them separately:

1. Po River: fish passage design to overcome the barrier of Isola Serafini.

2.Ticino river: educational pedestrian path linking the existing fish passes at the level of the dams between Porto della Torre and Panperduto.

In addition to the trail that connects the fish passages already completed and now fully functional, (built with funds raised locally within the region of Lombardy, after the feasibility study was prepared as part of a previous LIFE project: Life00NAT/IT/7268) is planned facilities for teaching. These structures, as well as those planned at Isola Serafini, will help to create a sites network dedicated to scientific research.

 Action B1: Provision of land for the fish pass construction at Isola Serafini.

Under the project, EGP was to provide the land to the province of Piacenza, but as a result of “Delrio” Law no. 56 of 7/04/2014 determining the suppression of non-mountainous provinces, the agreement will be signed between Enel Green Power (owner of the land) and the Region of Emilia Romagna.

Action C1: Construction of fish pass with attached control system Isola Serafini.

This action anticipate doing, between 01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015, the construction of the fish pass at successive basins that will connect both branches of the Po River, the upstream and downstream ones of the Isola Serafini dam. The shape of the fish pass will allow the passage of large fish species too. For example the sturgeon, which represents also the target species. This facility will also be equipped with a system for continuous monitoring of fish in transit through cameras, as well as a system of catch and release that allows both studies on fish in transit both a control on invasive species, as anticipate doing from action C3. A teaching facility will also enable the spread between visitors of issues related to preservation of the river corridor.

D1 Action: Check the restoration of fishes because of the implementation of artificial fish pass.

Represents the phase of monitoring post construction of the structure, and will be held from 07.01.2013 to the end of the project (06/30/2017).

The action will serve two purposes:

  • a local one, to verify the full functionality of the fish pass built in Isola Serafini;
  • One spread wide area network project to verify the recovery of the river corridor and therefore the migration on a larger scale. The monitoring network will include 3-4 other fixed stations monitoring placed on the Ticino River and the River Tresa.

There are two phases: a pre-construction, which, along with a bibliographic survey, will be collected and analysed video of the steps of the different fish species recorded at the cabins monitoring efforts over the course of the Ticino River and the River Tresa. In the post-construction phase that will see the inclusion of Isola Serafini in the monitoring program. This will make it possible to verify and quantify both the real use of the climbing ladder of Isola Serafini and the restoration of migration along the entire river corridor.


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