Provincia di Piacenza

The Province of Piacenza will assist the Ticino Park for the entire period of the project in the action of breeding and restocking of Acipenser naccarii, starting from breeding stock, and other species of Community interest (Minnows reofili: roach, savetta, Danube roach and Common Barbo).
It is entirely responsible for the control and containment of invasive species near the facilities in Serafini island. It participates in the implementation of paths, structures and educational kits for schools.

Company Profile

The Service Corps of Provincial Police, Civil Defence and Protection of wildlife in the province of Piacenza, in the context of the fishing industry, is responsible for:

  • the planning of activities, on the province ground, through the preparation of the basin plan and the fish program, annual and multi-year;
  • monitoring of fish populations with the purpose of programming;
  • projects aimed at rebalancing between fish species;
  • the adoption of initiatives aimed at limiting the presence of non-native fish species (catfish and carasso);
  • training users. Participate in various projects aimed at the conservation of the Adriatic Sturgeon, which it has about 200 adults. Currently, in collaboration with the Park of Ticino, it is implementing a project of rearing and captive breeding of the species.


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