Newsletter 18 of 01 January 2018

On the part of the staff of the Con.Flu.Po partners, we would first of all like to wish all those who follow the project also through this newsletter, a Happy New Year.

Over the next 6 months, we will be busy closing the various project activities and collecting the results, which we will present at the final conference (of which we will inform you shortly).

To open the new year, we wish to inform you that we have posted two important activities on the project website (

Video on the Con.Flu.Po project

Through images and interviews, this high-resolution, 20-minute video describes the issues addressed by the project in order to reopen an ecological passageway for fish in the Po River, and the activities implemented to support the long-term conservation of the species and environments.

This video, which is being widely disseminated and will be projected during the final project conference, is not about showing you what has been done, but rather about raising public awareness on the problems affecting the Po and rivers in general.

We know that we must not rest on our laurels, and that the time has come to review the river’s management in a uniform and coordinated manner, first and foremost through sustainable fishing.

To tackle this commitment and challenge, also at the European level, Con.Flu.PO has set up the Consulta Pesca Po (Po Fishing Council), comprising the fishing departments of the 4 regions spanning along the Po River (Piedmont, Lombardy, Emlia-Romagna and Veneto), with the Autorità di bacino del Po (AdbPo) serving as technical administrator.



Questionnaire to collaborate on the Con.Flu.Po project

As part of the activities implemented by the Con.Flu.Po project, it is important for us to receive any information that can provide a more complete overview of the current situation and problems of the Po River, also from sport fishing associations, professional fishing cooperatives, local bodies, individual fishermen and enthusiasts. 

To this end, on the project website, we have published a questionnaire addressed both to individual users and to Bodies or Associations, which we would ask you to download, fill in and send back to following email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As you will see, the first part of the questionnaire relates to information on fishing in the Po and the river’s current situation, while in the final section you are asked whether you are willing to cooperate actively on the project, notifying the accidental capture of:

  • Adriatic sturgeon in the Po area,
  • Twait shad, flathead mullet and eel, upstream of the Isola Serafini dam.

Please note that, as far as possible, these reports should be substantiated by direct evidence (e.g. photographs).

We hope that both individual users of the River Po and the relevant Bodies and Associations decide to join this initiative, as the data we receive through the questionnaires will populate the project database and provide the necessary information to create a specific Action Plan involving the Po River.


All texts and images may be used, citing the source, the author, the Life Natura Project Life11NAT/IT/188 “Restoring connectivity in the Po river basin, opening a migratory route for Acipenser naccarii* and 10 fish species in Annex II”, and the support of the European Union.


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