Newsletter 15 of 16 June 2017

CONFLUPO – Established the "Consulta Pesca Po"

This act is the result of a long journey carried out within the CONFLUPO project, and began on September 30, 2015 when at the Boretto Po, on board the Stradivari motorboat, was promoted the round table "The Unitary Management of the River: Objectives and Decisions "within the conference" A Sustainable Fishing to Valorize the Po River "organized with Life Barbie.

Chaired by Lombardia Agriculture Advisors, Gianni Fava, and Emilia-Romagna, Simona Caselli, along with Angelo Salsi representing the Life Program, Francesco Puma, General Secretary of AdbPo, and General Alessandra Stefani, State Forestry Corps, this meeting was aimed at identifying shared and enduring solutions that took into account the complexity of the problem and the area to achieve a unitary, shared and sustainable management of the river ecological corridor.

17/03/2017 Fish Ladder inauguration at Isola Serafini, on the left: Angelo Salsi - Head of EU Unit, Roberto Maroni - Lombardia Region Chairman, Simona Caselli - Agriculture Council of Emilia Romagna, Michele Sfriso - Mayor of Monticelli d ' Ongina, Gianni Fava - Agriculture Councilor of Lombardy Region.

To this end, on February 25, 2016 was signed between AdbPo, the Lombardy Region, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Veneto Region and the Piedmont Region, a Memorandum of Understanding for a sustainable and unified fisheries management and the protection of the Po river .

The worktable between the regions, which set up for the implementation of the protocol, has implemented a Po Action Plan that was presented on March 17, 2017 at the official inauguration of the Isle of Serafini fish passage.

With the establishment of the fish ladder at Isola Serafini and the establishment of the Consulta Pesca, we can say that life CONFLUPO has allowed to reunify the River Po after decades of separation both on an ecological and administrative level.





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