Regione Lombardia

The Lombardy region is the beneficiary-coordinator of the project CON.FLU.PO. Together with the Emilia Romagna Region and the Po River Basin Authority has established the Coordinating Committee for the management and conservation of the Po river corridor, with particular attention to the Natura 2000 Network. The Region is responsible for the actions of monitoring the effectiveness and impact of other project actions. The Region is also fully responsible for the diffusion and teaching, aimed  to spread project activities and to create greater awareness on the importance of conservation for river, through:creation of the website, a regular newsletter, an informative movie that summarizes the project, the placement of the explanatory message boards, press conferences and the creation of a final conference at international level. It will be responsible for teaching the construction of trails, facilities and kits, for schools, through the support of the Emilia Romagna Region and the provinces of Piacenza and Rovigo and the Parco del Ticino.

 Company Profile

DG Agriculture, organized into organizational units and structures, provides grants and  technical assistance to farmers, conducts research, development and innovation for the agricultural sector and the food industry, protection of environmental resources, promotes the use of biocompatible energy, coordinates and controls the activities of hunting and fishing, implements information campaigns and awareness for a healthy diet and the development of agricultural products and typical agro-food. Within Organizational Unit System Development Forestry, Agriculture Mountain, Use and Protection of Agricultural Soil, Structure Development of Mountain Agriculture and Sustainable use of Farmland, plays, specifically, the following functions:

  • Protection of fish and reinforce measures provided by the European Fisheries;
  • Investments for the mountain farms and management measures PSR regarding the non-productive investments, the benefit of farmers in mountain areas;
  • Promoting the production of plant for biomass energy.


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