Newsletter 13 of september 23 2016.


"The Life come together” Third meeting in Regione Lombardia


A moment of fundamental importance in the field of networking is the sharing of experiences, activities, best practices, but also problems between the different Life projects that deal with similar themes.

For this reason, the Life CON.FLU.PO, in collaboration with the Life Barbie, created the group: "The Life come together", making a close collaboration system between the national Life projects that deal with issues related to the conservation of species and river ecosystems.

"The Life come together", was the title of the first meeting that was held on May 21, 2015 – European Celebration day of Network Natura 2000 - at the headquarters of the Agency for the Management of Biodiversity Parks and Emilia Western Court Giarola - Collecchio (PR).

It was attended by 9 projects Life: CON.FLU.PO., BARBIE, LAMBROVIVO, RII, MAKING GOOD NATURE, REBORN, CSMONLIFE, MERMAINDS and TROUT, which during the morning session were given the opportunity to explain the project activities, while in the afternoon there was a round table discussion on issues of preservation of species and river ecosystems.


The second meeting was held on 30 September 2015 within the conference "Sustainable fisheries to valorise the Po River", organized in collaboration with the Life Barbie in Boretto (RE) on board the Motonave Stradivari.

In the morning, the 70 participants have participated in the round table "The centralized management of the river: objectives and decisions", chaired by the councilors of Agriculture of Lombardy, Gianni Fava, and Emilia-Romagna, Simona Caselli, as well as Angelo Salsi ( video conferencing) representing the Life program, Francesco Puma, secretary general of AdbPo, and general Alessandra Stefani, deputy head of the State Forestry Corps.

This brought, for the first time, to the subscription by the Councillors for Agriculture of the 4 regions involved in the management of the Po (Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto) of an agreement promoted by AdbPo "For a sustainable and unified management the fisheries and the protection of fish stocks in the river Po "which launched a technical table for the drafting of an Action Plan for the Po basin.

The afternoon, however, was devoted to the program "The Life come together", with a direct comparison between the stakeholders, particularly with regard to issues concerning the Po River corridor. It 'been prepared a summary of the various interventions that has been sent to all the project coordinators belonging to this group.


The third meeting of the initiative "The Life come together" was held September 19, 2016 at the headquarters of the Lombardy Region, the leader of the Life CON.FLU.PO project, and has been characterized by a round table discussion on issues and related proposals solution for proper management and redevelopment of river corridors.

In particular matters relating have been addressed:

- Supervision and control,

- legislative harmonization,

- Sustainable fishing,

- Tourism,

- Management in the Natura 2000 Network sites.

on which were discussed the representatives of the 11 Life projects contributions (ACQUALIFE, BARBI, CONFLUPO, CSMON LIFE, MANAGE, MANAGE IP 2020 LAMBROVIVO, MAKING GOOD NATURE, RII, REBORN, TROUT) that have joined this initiative.

The findings will be incorporated in the action plan for the Po basin, which is being developed by the Technical Table institutional format AdbPo and representatives of the four regions.


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