Regione Emilia Romagna

The Emilia Romagna Region is part of the Coordination Committee and it is involved, with the Region of Lombardy and the Po River Basin Authority, in diffusion and networking of the activities of the Committee on the conservation of the river corridor of the River Po.   


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The Region of Emilia Romagna with the coordination of the Lombardy Region, is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the repopulation of Cobice sturgeon and other four species of Cyprinids reofili of community interest in the sub-area of the Delta, of regional relevance. The monitoring, performed by technical staff of the region, provides on one hand unpacking data acquired by ultrasonic fixed receivers positioned in anchored buoys and, on the other, the collection of reports of professional fishermen, which are active in that area.


DG Agriculture of Emilia Romagna region is responsible for:

  • protection of land and the rural environment;
  • development of agricultural and agro-industrial sector;
  • enhancement products, also through the quality certification;
  • research and experimentation in agriculture;
  • regulation of the functions conferred by the region to local authorities in the field of agriculture;
  • financing and control of the interventions of the market;
  • regulation of matters related to hunting in the region.


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