Newsletter 11 of March 10, 2016

Signed the Memorandum of Understanding

"For a sustainable and unitary management of fisheries and the protection of fish stocks in the River Po"

On September 30, 2015 the conference entitled "Sustainable fisheries to enhance the Po River" was held in Boretto (RE) on the boat Stradivari. The event was organized in collaboration with the Life Barbie.

This conference linked two important moments. The first one, in the morning, when more than 70 participants took part in the round table "The centralized management of the river: objectives and decisions", chaired by the councilors of Agriculture of Lombardia, Gianni Fava, and Emilia-Romagna, Simona Caselli. In addition, Angelo Salsi (video conference) represented the Life program, Francesco Puma was present as general secretary of AdbPo, and general Alessandra Stefani, deputy head of the State Forestry Corps. While in the afternoon, they have worked on the program “I Life si incontrano”, with a time of direct dialogue with the stakeholders.

The topic debated in the morning was mainly the "sustainable fishing" for which we have tried to identify shared and lasting solutions that take into account the complexity of the problem in the Po basin. This is why we wanted to build a unique path for the four regions covered by the river Po, two already partners CON.FLU.PO., in order to reach a unified, shared and sustainable management of this important ecological corridor.

The main obstacles to this goal are:

  • the difficulties of managing and controlling fishing activities
  • the containment of invasive species

These problems are exacerbated, in the case of the River Po, by administrative fragmentation and the lack of a functional coordination between different regions.

The political representatives of the involved organizations, based on what emerged from the conference, acknowledged the need to coordinate in order to reach a shared management of the River Po in the sustainable fishing and environmental regeneration. Important in this sense the presence of the National Deputy Commander of the State Forestry Corp which is currently engaged, together with other national and local police forces, in the repression of the phenomenon of poaching, which is particularly prevalent along the river.

In this context therefore it was decided to formalize an agreement between the four regions affected by the course of the Po, and the Basin Authority in order to draw up an Action Plan which develops the themes that emerged from the conference on sustainable fishing on the River Po; Councillors of the Region Veneto and Piedmont Region, unable to attend the conference, then have sent an official note of full participation in the initiative by confirming the availability of their regions to participate in the common work table.


In view of this, for the first time was signed on 02.25.2016 a specific Memorandum of Understanding "For a sustainable and unitary management of fisheries and the protection of the fish stocks of the Po River" by:

  • Gianni Fava - Councillor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Region Lombardia
  • Simona Caselli - Councillor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Region Emilia Romagna
  • Giorgio Ferrero - Councillor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Region Piemonte
  • Giuseppe Pan - Councillor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Region Veneto
  • Francesco Puma - General Secretary Basin Authority of the Po River.

The establishment of a dedicated control room has the objective of achieving a sustainable fishery in terms of:

  • Environmental - To ensure proper long-term conservation status of habitats and species at the level of the entire course of the Po, through retraining of river habitats, reconnection of the river corridors and of qualitative and quantitative protection of water resources.
  • Social - To ensure a respectful use of the river through shared regional regulations and coordinated and unified activities of control and repression of poaching.
  • Economic - To ensure that the rational use of public resources dedicated can generate more and more benefits in the commercial fishing industry, game fishing and different sectors.

The achievement of these objectives will be through the deployment of a specific program of actions coordinated to develop the following areas of priority:

  • The simplification and harmonization of regional regulations on fisheries;
  • The surveillance and monitoring operations, with particular reference to the fight against poaching;
  • The promotion of tourism activities related to fishing and other related activities, which may favor the development of the territories concerned;
  • The control and containment of invasive alien species;
  • The native ichthyofauna protection, even with specific restocking actions;
  • The long-term improvement of the conservation status of the Po River corridor and the Natura 2000 network sites;
  • The sharing of knowledge on the topic by means of establishing a fishing observatory of the river Po;
  • The promotion of initiatives, including design, for better implementation of the EC Fisheries Policy in relation to inland waters.


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