Provincia di Rovigo

The Province of Rovigo helps the Ticino Park in the action of both breeding and restocking of Acipenser naccarii and other species of Community interest (Minnows reofili: roach, savetta, Danube roach and barbel common) and in the monitoring of the effectiveness of such repopulation. In particular, the Province of Rovigo collaborates in monitoring and detection of the transit of Sturgeons in the delta of the Po, through the installation and periodic monitoring of buoys, equipped with a software to observe the Sturgeon’s steps. Moreover it is active part in the implementation of paths, structures and educational kits for schools.


Company Profile

The Province of Rovigo with the sector Service Faunal Resources-Fisheries implements a planning that, mainly, aims to the preservation of the species in danger of extinction, together with actions to implement and improve the quality of water in order to ensure sustainability, in terms of socio-economic and environmental for the areas, with particular reference to the Po Delta, where the clam is a sector of excellence. Implementing a monitoring action both through direct sampling and through a network of detection extended to the whole territory through the cooperation with the fishermen.


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