Newsletter 10 5 September 2015

Conference "First census of the fish fauna in subalpine lakes"

September 29, 2015 - Milan

The September 29, 2015 at the Biagi meeting room of Palazzo Lombardia - Square City of Lombardy, Milan - will be held the conference "First census of the fish fauna of the subalpine lakes".

Will be presented for the first time the results of research on fish stocks of the Lombardy lakes, carried forward by the Directorate General for Agriculture of the Lombardy Region and realised under the Water Framework Directive with the use of the European Fisheries Fund. These results represent the starting point to promote sustainable fisheries management and the conservation of species at risk. The research began in January 2013 and ended in March 2015.


The following three main activities carried out:


The census of the fish population of 7 Lombard lakes: Maggiore, Como, Varese, Mezzola, Iseo, Idro and Garda, according to the european protocols. This allowed for each lake the characterization of the ecological status of the lake by applying Lake Fish Index, as required by the Water Framework Directive 2000/60 / EC. In this way it was possible to know the qualitative and quantitative conditions of fish populations of lakes in question, the starting point for the protection of wildlife valences and to be able to manage sustainable exploitation.


Specific in-depth analysis about the management of fisheries and sustainable exploitation of fish species of greatest interest for the commercial fishing of each of the lakes in question. The correct definition of the methods for fishing allows to preserve the fish resource over the long term.


Monitoring of the eel, a species of great food and wildlife value, now in serious decline throughout its distribution area, which should be protected in accordance with the Eel National Plan (Reg. EC 1100/2007).


During the conference we will be presented and compared the results of the "Lac Project", carried out on Swiss lakes and French and adopting the same standard protocols for sampling.


But in this conference is an important moment also for the project Life11NAT / IT / 188 - CON.FLU.PO. and not only because of the intervention on the project that will be exposed during the day.


In fact it is highlighted that the results of the program census of lakes indicate that the dam at the Central Enel Isola Serafini (PC) still represents a point of fragmentation particularly important of the hydrographic network of the River Po, preventing the movement of migratory fish species such as twaite shad , thin-lipped grey mullet and eel.


After completing the construction of the fish pass in Isola Serafini, established by the project Life CONFLUPO for the end of 2016, it will finally be observed upstream of the dam the presence of those migratory species currently missing. Even the sturgeon will resume its natural biological cycle going into the rivers for reproduction, then return to the sea.


In particular we expect from the next census Lakes to see the reappearance of these species at the level of Lake Maggiore, thanks to the implementation of the reconnection of the river corridor of the River Po.



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