Newsletter 8 of 15 June 2015

The Life Meet Up

In the last year of the Life CONFLUPO project is planned a strategic activity, linked to the action F3, for the implementation of a Plan for technical and administrative management for the continuation of the activities of conservation of the Po River corridor.

This important document aims to get to the implementation of a coordination between all the bodies involved in the management of the Po River corridor; This management must be based on shared and coordinated strategies to be effective.

Carried out from 'Po River Basin Authority (A bPo), responsible for the Action, will include the different aspects related to the management of the entire Po River corridor, and in particular:

  • How to continuation of project activities over the term of the project;

  • Activities Aimed at extending the migration corridor in the Piedmont section of the Po basin and major tributaries affected by the works of fragmentation;

  • The priorities of shared and coordinated management of the Po river corridor, Particularly with regard to the presence of the Natura 2000 Network.

To fully achieve these important goals, it is crucial to enable partnerships both in the institutional context with different bodies, and operative with that exchange of best practices among the groups that are carrying out activities at the level of the Po river corridor.

With this perspective it puts the meeting "ILIFE MEET UP" promoted by CONFLUPO and LIFE BARBI last May 21, as part of the European Day of Celebration of the Nature 2000 Network.

The meeting was held at the offices of the Managing Body for the Parks and Biodiversity Emilia Western (EGPB), in the Court of Giarola in the municipality of Collecchio (PR). In addition to the sponsors listed above, have joined to the meeting also LIFE CSMON, LAMBROVIVO, MAKING GOOD NATURE, MERMAINDS, RII, REBORN and TROUT.


The meeting was opened at 10.00 am with a welcome by Dr. Sonia Anelli, representing the President EGPB Dr. Augustine Maggiali, by Prof Francis Nonnis Marzano (Department of Biosciences, University of Parma) and by Dr. David Ilardo Financial Manager of CONFLUPO (Lombardy Region), on behalf of Dr. Alberto Lugoboni.

In the first part the representatives of the various projects have illustrated the activities envisaged by the various projects and the goals to be achieved; The meeting then continued with the coordination of Eng. Alessio Picarelli of AdbPo, with a round table meeting of discussion on critical issues and future prospects, with particular reference to the following themes:

  • Sustainable use of water resources

  • Invasive Alien Species

  • Poaching and controls

  • Longitudinal connectivity waterways

  • Communication and relationship with stakeholders

From day meeting it come to light the importance of creating an operational inter project open to other realities, which would meet periodically; the different indications that will emerge from this joint work will can be situated within the Coordination Committee CONFLUPO, which brings together the Bodies that operate institutionally at the level of the Po river corridor.



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