Newsletter 7 30 april 2015


May 21 European Day of NATURA 2000

 CONFLUPO meets other LIFE projects to talk about species conservation and river ecosystems

 Life projects have as main objectives: generate synergies, operating at system level, amplify positive effects of individual projects on the sites of the Natura 2000 Network.

In the project CONFLUPO this goal is integrated with another primary objective: get to shared  and coordinated management of the activities related to the conservation of the river corridor of the river Po, as required by the specific Action F3 in charge to the Authority of River basin Po (AdbPo).

For this reason, the partners of the LIFE CONFLUPO, in collaboration with those of LIFE BARBIE promote the upcoming May 21 - European day of celebration of the Natura 2000 Network - the exchange of best practices among Life projects focused on the conservation of species and river ecosystems.

This working meeting on the exchange of good practices will be held at the headquarters of the Parks and Biodiversity Authority Emilia Western Court Giarola - Collecchio (PR). At the time six representatives of Life projects, in progress or just completed, they have confirmed their participation.

The purpose of the meeting is not only to promote a mutual exchange of information on the various activities of the project, but above all to get to the establishment of a permanent network on common issues such as support for the proper management of the Po river ecosystem.

In the next newsletter we will provide an extensive report about what emerges from this important meeting.


May 12 - CONFLUPO is presented in the information days about the Management Plan of the river basin district of the River Po

One of the most innovative aspects of the Water Framework Directive is the need that water bodies will achieve a good status of environmental quality, which is not limited to the water resource but comprising also the geomorphological features, the natural habitats and the related ecosystem functions.

The different plant and animal species that inhabit the waterways must be granted "right to use" in order to ensure their conservation over time, as essential components of natural capital necessary for the survival of us all.

For this reason the environmental uses concern one of the most sensitive issues that have to be addressed during the review and updating of the management plan.

Particular attention should be given to those sites of the Natura 2000 network that are more related to water bodies and are conditioned by the quality of water bodies themselves.

In this day will also be discussed about the Ecological Capacity and will be an opportunity to preview the national European guidelines on this issue.

A day dedicated to the environmental uses has been included into the meetings of public information foreseen for the second cycle of water planning. In this day will discuss some significant projects that are being implemented with the financial support of the LIFE funds, in order to respond to the need to preserve and, where possible, rehabilitate river habitats.

The LIFE CONFLUPO, the most important intervention to reconnect the river Po basin, will be explained in Parma, Tuesday May 12, at the meeting with the stakeholders participating in information activities of the Authority of the basin of the river Po.


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