Newsletter 4 15 april 2014

With this fourth newsletter we inform you of an important event that will take place on May 5, 2014: the opening of the fish ladder at the dam Creva (VA) and the Round Table in Luino (VA).

Opening of the river corridor from Ceresio lake to the sea

The work of restoring the ecological continuity of river Tresa adapts perfectly in order to promote the area and the ecological conservation of biodiversity, in line with the objectives and standards-planning and conservation defined at EU, national and regional levels. The implementation of this passage for fish, in addition to opening an important corridor between Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore, assumes even greater importance with the fulfilment of the LIFE CON.FLU.PO that will extend the connection of the Ticino river and consequently the Po river until to the Adriatic Sea, through the construction of two fish ladders at the dam of Enel Green Power by Isola Serafini municipality of Monticelli (PC), which is currently the last barrier insurmountable to all fish species in the rising from the sea.

The protected areas belonging to the Natura 2000 network, related to the presence of these water bodies are many and therefore the possibility of a link between them will restore the ecological continuity, which is essential to the presence of many species.

The Tresa river, which flows on both Italian and Swiss territory, had undergone a double interruption over the years due to the the dam of Creva (Luino) and the barrage of Lavena Ponte Tresa, the dam of regulation of Lake Lugano. The latter has been defragmented in 2006 through a INTERREG project.

The passage built at the Creva dam, with a height of 23 meters, is a unique in its kind infrastructural work (among the highest in Europe) and was completed in December 2013 and fully operational by March 2014. The project approach was that of the lift system in successive basins, which also allows descend to the valley, and furthermore requires very little maintenance operations. The passage consists of a total of 71 basins, has a development length of 210 m and has an average gradient of 10%. The choice of the location of the opera has been carried out taking into account a variety of factors, in particular assessing the ecological and hydraulic aspects, as well as the visual impact of the works and compatibility with derivation system of the DMV.


The project is the result of technical and financial collaboration between different institutions with a total cost of € 1.2 M:

Fondazione Cariplo  


Provincia di Varese   


U.E. (Fondo Europeo Pesca)


Canton Ticino




Regione Lombardia 



This fish ladder is equipped with monitoring cabins too, essential in order to ensure the success of the work and to obtain data to network with those of the other cabins located on ecological corridor: on the Tresa River by Lavena Ponte Tresa. on the Ticino River, by the fish ladder of the Panperduto and Port Tower dams. Lastly we will have on the Po the monitoring cabin of the fish ladder will be made in the implementation of the LIFE project CON.FLU.PO and which will provide the operation of the entire project through the testimony of the relevant steps of the full potential of fish from the sea Adriatic and its inevitable return, in particular for those species that today are unable to pass: Adriatic Sturgeon (Acipenser Naccarii *) target species the project.

Furthermore the event is included in the context of the event the World "Worldfishmigrationday" of 05/24/2014, which celebrates at planetary level the fluvial reconnection and the waterways defragmentation which are still the subject of artificial barriers that do not allow the free passage of all fish fauna potentially present and is closely linked to the great design work that will occur with the project CONFLUPO. 

So all these steps, directly connected to each other by the reopening of the corridor, will be constantly monitored H24, in addition to verifying the success of these interventions, will provide useful information about the features in different periods for each species and the fish community itself.

These cabins monitoring have also an important role in learning and divulgation activities in order to inform and educate the public about these environmental and faunal issues.

The fish community of the river Tresa is characterized by reofili cyprinids and salmonids community: dace, bullhead, canine barbel, eel, common barbel, Salmo marmoratus, grayling, minnow, gudgeon, Italian nase, brown trout, shad, groundling, Po gobies, bleak, Danube roach, perch, pike, roach. Many of these species are included in the list in Annex B of the Habitats Directive. The restoration of natural practicability of the rivers shall ensure free movement of migratory fish and ensures their preservation and reproduction.


On May 5, 2014 we open the Creva ladder for fish. An event with an international audience.

Following the inaugural moment at the Creva dam, will be held at the Palazzo Verbania (Luino, VA) on Lake Maggiore, the Round Table "From Ceresio to the Ocean without barriers" will be attended by partners who have contributed to the realization of the project, political representatives, the professional and recreational fishermen.

The arguments are many and of great interest: will be the point on defragmenter the basin of the river Po, on the containment of exotic species, on the sustainability of hydro power and on the potentiality of the fish from the lake and river.

The detailed program is on and participation is free (registration required).


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