State of the art of the fish ladder

Action A3: Restoring works of the river corridor continuity, of the control system and other structural interventions planned.

The activities, which were completed on time of the project, were carried out by Graia and supported by the Group for Fish Passage, and brought to the realization of three products:

For a better understanding of the activities carried out to prepare the 3 products provided for by this Action, it is worth analysing them separately:

  1. River Po, design of a passageway for fish to overcome the Island Serafini dam.
    After a rather complex procedure, it was finally possible to draw up a preliminary draft and the final design. On 1/01/2014, the project entered the execution phase, under Action C1.
    For more in-depth information on the implementation and functional monitoring of the artificial passageway for fish connected which this Action, please refer to the specific page(final design) of this website.
  2. Survey of priority actions concerning the reopening an ecological passageway for fish in the project area.
    The survey was concluded on 30/12/2013, and is available for consultation in the Documents section of the website. All the survey information is displayed graphically, and is summarised in a chart that represents sub-basins, points of fragmentation and the relating course.
  3. Ticino River, creation of an educational walkway connecting the existing fish ladders at the dams of Porto della Torre and Panperduto.
    Despite having submitted the final design by the deadline set for this Action, the walkway under Action 9 was not constructed. This is because the necessary portion of land was not provided by one of the landowners. Moreover, ANAS expressed some reservations regarding safety compared to the alternative project drawn up.


Action B1: Provision of land for the fish pass construction at Isola Serafini.

Under the project, EGP was to provide the land to the province of Piacenza, but as a result of “Delrio” Law no. 56 of 7/04/2014 determining the suppression of non-mountainous provinces, the agreement has been signed between Enel Green Power (owner of the land) and the Region of Emilia Romagna.


Action C1: Construction of fish pass with attached control system at Isola Serafini.


INIZIO: 1/01/2014-- TERMINE: 31/05/2017  

This Action led to the execution of the passageway for fish and of the catch and release system developed on the basis of Action A3, through the successive and complementary stages of obtaining authorisation, issuing an invitation to tender, awarding the contract and executing the works. The complex fish ladder took two years to build, from 12/01/2015 to 12/01/2017.
The fish ladder was officially delivered on 26 February 2017 and was opened on 17 March 2017 with a public event of great prominence, which attracted over 500 Italian, Swiss and EU authorities.
The entry into operation of the passageway for fish has had an impact on other connected activities, in particular on the organisation of educational activities and on the project monitoring actions (Actions C2, C3, D1, D4).


D1 Action: Check in order to control if the fish pass reactivates the fish migration.

This Action serves to monitor two important and synergistic aspects: assessment of the actual success of the passageway for fish constructed at Isola Serafini, and the consequent restoration of fish migration. An ecological passageway for fish was reopened through the entry into operation of the fish ladder completed on 31/12/2016.

The project involved:

  • Collection of data relating to specimens detained by the catch and release system with which the fish ladder is equipped;
  • Collection of monitoring data from sturgeons fitted with a transmitter (Action D2).
  • Weekly collection of videos (analysis, with digitization and archiving of data) recorded at the other 4 monitoring cabins situated in:
    • Passageway to successive basins at the dam of Porto della Torre, on the River Ticino;
    • Passageway to successive basins at the dam of Panperduto, also on the River Ticino;
    • Passageway to successive basins at the dam of Lavena Ponte Tresa, on the River Tresa;
    • Passageway to successive basins at the dam of Creva, on the River Tresa;

The purpose of the project is to ensure migratory fish species pass through the facility, re-colonising areas where they had been absent for decades. Among the project’s target species, of particular importance - in addition to twait shad, thinlip mullet and eel - is the Adriatic sturgeon, which has been the subject of numerous conservation initiatives. Indeed, the project involves releasing specimens of Adriatic sturgeon (Action C2) and monitoring them, also via biotelemetry (Action D2).


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