Autorità di bacino del fiume Po (AdbPo)

It is part of the Coordination Committee and it is involved with the Region of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna in spreading and networking activities of the Committee on the conservation of the Po river corridor. As part of the Study Group for the Fish Passage together AIPO and the Province of Piacenza it has the role of supervising the technical planning of the restoration of the continuity of the river corridor, the control system and other infrastructural projects.


Company Profile

The Basin Authority, established by law 183/1989 “Regulations on the organizational and functional soil protection”, to allow integrated planning at the basin, has the role to strengthen the functions of cooperation, coordination and consultation between all institutions involved in the protection and development of the Po basin. The main tool for planning and scheduling is represented by the Management Plan of the District Hydrographic River Po, developed and adopted in February 24, 2010, in compliance with the requirements of the Directive 2000/80 EC and responsibilities assigned to it by national legislation (Legislative Decree 152/ 06, as amended). The Po River basin Authority has its headquarters in Parma, where it was established in the fall of 1990.

The Authority is a group, formed by State and Regions, which operates on the entire catchment area of the Po basin, with the following purposes:

  • Hydrographic network defense;
  • protecting the quality of water resources;
  • rational use of water resources;
  • regulation of land use.


Il sito è realizzato con il contributo dello strumento finanziario LIFE della Comunità Europea.