Actions A - Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or action plans.

Action A1: Administrative activities related to the project start.

This action is functional to the preparation of all administrative acts for the launch of the project, such as the signing of agreements between the region of Lombardy (Beneficiary coordinator) and partners. Among these, there are also sub-contractors for Outdoor Activities.
Are also designed staff members of the technical-administrative project, in addition to defining the roles and responsibilities within the different actions of expertise.

Action A2: Creation of a coordination committee for the management and conservation of the river Po with particular regard to the Rete Natura 2000.

With this action, a Coordination Committee, for the whole area of project influence, is established; the aim is to balance and plan the various activities, in a shared way, with the help of the various local authorities, with particularly regard to management activities of the sites in the Rete Natura 2000.
Lombardy Region established this Committee as a Beneficiary Agency of the project, Committee is composed permanently from Lombardy Region and from AdbPO, as coordinator as deputy to the inter-entity planning at river basin. Moreover, the Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority is the competent local, but the project is open to other organizations or institutions, according to the needs of the project.
The Committee's activities are expressed in two ways:

  • Periodic meetings. The Committee meets twice a year, but meetings may be called on specific topics (sessions) every time it’s necessary;

Networking. All the Committee members can share information, news, updates on the work progress of the Committee itself by a networking system. It will allow continuous contact between the parties and create a single archive, with geographic information organized in a georeferenced database, created and implemented in respect of the INSPIRE Directive and the ISO 19115 standard. All material will be available from a portal in this website designed by Action E.3, through a security clearance system.

After 30/06/2013, end date of this action, the CdC activities will continue under Action E1 and they’ll remain over the end of the project.

Action A3: Restoring works of the river corridor continuity, of the control system and other structural interventions planned.

This action involves the design of two activities. The first one is the construction of a fish ladder to overcome the barrier of Isola Serafini. The second is related to the design of an educational course and accommodation between the fish ladders of Porto della Torre and Panperduto, near the Ticino River.
In order to understand completely these two activities, it is useful to analyse them separately:

 1. Po River: fish ladder design to overcome the barrier of Isola Serafini.

To get an overview on the design, implementation and functional analysis of the fish ladder, refer to this website dedicated page using the following link.

 2.Ticino river: educational pedestrian path linking the existing fish ladders at the level of the dams between Porto della Torre and Panperduto.

In addition to the trail that connects the fish ladders already completed and now fully functional, (built with funds raised locally within the region of Lombardy, after the feasibility study was prepared as part of a previous LIFE project: Life00NAT/IT/7268) is planned facilities for teaching. These structures, as well as those planned at Isola Serafini, will help to create a sites network dedicated to scientific research.


Actions B-Purchase/lease of land or pay compensation for their use.

Action B1: Provision of land for the fish ladder construction at Isola Serafini.

Under the project, EGP was to provide the land to the province of Piacenza, but as a result of “Delrio” Law no. 56 of 7/04/2014 determining the suppression of non-mountainous provinces, the agreement will be signed between Enel Green Power (owner of the land) and the Region of Emilia Romagna.

For the necessary details on the implementation and monitoring of functional artificial fish ladder to which this action is connected, refer to the specific page of this website using the following link.


Actions C-Concrete conservation actions.

Action C1: Construction of fish ladder with attached control system Isola Serafini.

 This action anticipate doing, between 01/01/2014 and 31/12/2015, the construction of the fish ladder at successive basins that will connect both branches of the Po River, the upstream and downstream ones of the Isola Serafini dam. The shape of the fish ladder will allow the passage of large fish species too. For example the sturgeon, which represents also the target species. This facility will also be equipped with a system for continuous monitoring of fish in transit through cameras, as well as a system of catch and release that allows both studies on fish in transit both a control on invasive species, as anticipate doing from action C3. A teaching facility will also enable the spread between visitors of issues related to preservation of the river corridor.

 For details on the fulfilment and functional analysis of the fish ladder which this action is connected to, refer to the dedicated page of this website using the following link.

Action C2: breeding and restocking of Acipenser naccarii and other species of Community Interest in the Rete Natura 2000 sites included in the project area.

The activities under this action can be traced to two main lines of action related to breeding and release of specimens of sturgeon Cobice and four species of cyprinids reofili (Roach, Pigo, Savetta and Barbo Comune) to support populations of these species resulting in decline for the joint action of limiting factors.

For the necessary details on the eco-ethology of the different target species and activities planned breeding, repopulation and subsequent monitoring to which this action is connected, refer to the dedicated page of this website using the following link.

Action C3: Assets Supervision and containment of invasive alien species at the structures built in Isola Serafini .

The system to control and contain invasive alien species was designed with Action A3 and executed with Action C1 involving the passageway for fish at Isola Serafini.

Control and containment are entrusted to a subcontractor identified by means of a public tender, and involve:

  • Daily inspections at the facility to check for the presence of detained animals and the system’s operation;
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of the facility;
  • Handling of detained animals by the device that selects the specimens to be collected and those to be marked and released (e.g. Adriatic Sturgeon).


Actions D - Monitoring the impact of project actions.

D1 Action: Check the restoration of fishes because of the implementation of artificial fish ladder.

The action has two purposes:

  • a local one, to verify the full functionality of the fish ladder built in Isola Serafini;
  • one spread wide area network project to verify the recovery of the river corridor and therefore the migration on a larger scale. The monitoring network will include 3-4 other fixed stations monitoring placed on the Ticino River and the River Tresa.

There are two phases: a pre-construction, which, along with a bibliographic survey, collects and analyses video of the steps of the different fish species recorded at the cabins monitoring efforts over the course of the Ticino River and the River Tresa. In the post-construction phase that sees the inclusion of Isola Serafini in the monitoring program. This will make it possible to verify and quantify both the real use of the climbing ladder of Isola Serafini and the restoration of migration along the entire river corridor.

 For the necessary details on the implementation and monitoring of functional artificial passage for fish to which this action is connected, refer to the specification page of this website using the following link.

Action D2: Monitoring the effectiveness of the repopulation of Acipenser naccarii and other repopulated species.

The ways to implement the monitoring program, from 01.07.2014 until the end of the project (06.30.2018), are inserted in two different groups:

 1. Sturgeon: for juveniles from the third year of the project will be used by electrofishing annual campaigns aimed at tracing the specimens labeled released. For both adults and sub-adults, we will refer mainly to the 100 sturgeon specimens with ultrasonic emitter, which will be monitored through a series of fixed stations located along the course of the River Po and the fish ladder in Isola Serafini, recording pulses different generated by each emitter, will be able to detect the presence of individuals in that particular area. To this is added the activity is directed at the fish ladder at Isola Serafini, in fact the filming of the cameras and the ability to keep it in a special cage to catch sturgeon in transit, if it will allow the identification of those marked with microchips, that reports of incidental catches by fishermen who operate along the river involved in the project through an agreement with the associations .

 2. Minnows reofili (Roach, Pigo, Savetta and Common Barbo): the monitoring will start from the third year of the project and will consist of electrofishing annual campaigns aimed at tracing the specimens labeled released.

For the necessary details on the eco-ethology of the different target species and activities planned breeding, repopulation and subsequent monitoring to which this action is connected , refer to the specification page of this website using the following link.

D3 Action: Check the socio-economic impact of the project activities in the local area.

It provides a survey of all local operators in the fisheries sector, professional and amateur, (Associations of recreational fishing, commercial fishing cooperatives, individuals, local authorities local management of fish and fishery) in various ways: through the newsletter of Action E.6, via e-mail to establish direct contact with the entity and via the website.

Therefore, it is possible to have an indication of measurable return socio-economic activities, carried out both through expressions of interest and through comments on the draft from the various local stakeholders (fishermen and management entities).


Actions E - Public information and dissemination of results.

Action E1: Spreading and networking activities of the Coordinating Committee for the conservation of the river corridor of the River Po.

It provides the continuation of the activities of the Coordination Committee, having completed the action A2 (30/06/2013), which was created and began operations.

Action E2: Press conferences for the presentation and reporting of the project Life.

The action consists in organizing and realizing of 10 press conferences of information about the project in the form of public event, the first of which (Kick-off meeting) for the start of the project.

They have the aim of spreading and publicizing the project activities and verification of the results achieved; simultaneously press conferences are produced as many press releases that are distributed among the major national agencies.

Action E3: Website on the river corridor with pages dedicated to the Life project and interactive platform to support project activities.

This project website has been designed to give information on the Rete Natura 2000 and the progress of the various actions of the project and it is implemented with updates at least every six months.

There is also a web platform to support the internal activities of the technical-organizational structure of the project, the educational/outreach and networking with similar activities in other programs.

Action E4: Production and placement of bulletin boards and information boards on the sites of the project and publication of a leaflet that explains the project.

It is planned the placement of eight boards in certified wood canopy and double display space, each bearing two panels 70x100 cm. Concerning the message boards will be printed in digital printing on PVC and pigment inks (UV) protective lamination and mounting bracket stratified.

On the panels produced will be drawn at least sixteen texts and images on the Life project and on the importance of taking action within the river basin, using the sturgeon species such as the flag, and will be marked by the logos Life and Rete Natura 2000.

The four panels are designed in respect of environment in the Parco del Ticino, four will be situated of Isola Serafini and the remaining eight will be situated in the sites of the Rete Natura 2000 near the Po.

In the last months of the project, on the basis of the material produced will be carried out not less than 25,000 copies of a pamphlet of about 16 pages of recycled papers to be distributed locally, at the premises of the SIC and other protected areas located along the river corridor involved in the project.

The iconographic material will include:

-   Information on Acipenser naccarii, used as a flagship species of the project, and maps that illustrate the current distribution;

-    naturalistic drawings and diagrams that illustrate the activities carried out under the project;

-    Photographic documentation on the species and the environment studied.

Action E5: Educational Film on the Po river corridor and on the activities of the project.

Over the last 18 months of the project will produce a movie, in digital format, focused on the importance for the long-term conservation of biodiversity, interventions aimed to reconnect the river corridors and to support endangered fish species, using the example of the achievements of the explanatory project on the river corridor of the River Po and in favor of Acipenser naccarii and other species of fish target.

The first screening of the movie will take place during the final conference. Then it will be distributed to television stations (local and national), as part of their content about the environment and nature, for its more effective spread.

Action E6: periodic newsletter on the progress of project activities.

From the third quarter of this project, every six months and for a total of at least 10, a newsletter is produced, in Italian and English, it is distributed in electronic format through the related platform on the project website (Action E.3) that sent to a mailing list of about 500 names including government entities, associations and stakeholders, as well as the various beneficiaries of Life projects focused on similar issues that will be involved in networking activities provided by Action F.4.

Although this product is marked by Life and Rete Natura 2000 logos, it is useful to illustrate the importance of Life program about the conservation of biodiversity.

Action E7 : Final conference of the project.

In the last quarter of the project is scheduled a conference where the results achieved will exposed and, for the first time, the educational movie, producted with Action E.5, will be shown.

Particular attention will be given to ensure the participation of the largest possible number of:

- Administration of the vast project at any level: territorial, municipal, provincial, regional, inter-regional;

- Managing entities of SIC Rete Natura 2000, Parks and Reserves Italian River;

- Fisheries management entities at all levels;

- Insiders.

Particular importance will play, even for giving a value of continuity to the project, the communication of the CoC, on its activities and on the technical and administrative management plan developed under Action F.3.

In the afternoon, at the end of all communications a technical committee chaired by AdbPo and all the stable components of the CoC will be organized, which will present during the technical and administrative management plan developed under Action F.3. This will be followed by a comparison with all stakeholders in the project area in order to gather comments and suggestions that promote the implementation of more effective and coordinated planning of large-scale issues in fisheries management and conservation of fish biodiversity.

Action E8: Production of the Layman's report.

In the last quarter of the project will see the creation of a report, in italian and english language, for the general public of the length of about 10 pages, containing information about the limiting factors that have been addressed, the specific actions undertaken to combat it and achievements and the importance of this project as part of the Natura 2000 Network. Particular attention will be given to illustrate the continuation of activities beyond the end of the project thanks to the work that will be carried out by the Coordination Committee.

To reduce the carbon footprint of the project report will be printed in a limited number of copies (1000) on recycled paper using inks with EuPIA, giving priority to its spreading in electronic format through its inclusion in project site in downloading format.

Action E9: Construction of trails and facilities for teaching.

It represents the implementation phase than planned in Action A3 for the Ticino River and includes:

• Creation of a path of about 1.2 Km equipped with educational panels, explained in Action E4, which links the passage for fish ladder from Torre di Porto and Panperduto, making it accessible to visitors.

• Preparation of a classroom media, whose masonry structure already exists, of about 20 square meters, through the purchase and installation of furniture, panels, multimedia tools useful for environmental education on the issues of the Rete Natura 2000 of ecological corridors and river migration of fish and fish ladders.

Action E10: Development of educational kits and environmental education activities in the project areas.

In addition to educational activities developed by the project at the level of a vast area of intervention and transmitted via the web platform, is expected to be the creation of educational materials responsive to local needs that lectures in schools or schools within the structures for teaching made on the Ticino and Isola Serafini (Action C1).

In particular:

Lombardy region:

Takes charge of the construction of a multimedia product for kids dedicated to the themes of the project, which will be set up inside the project website.

 Ticino Park :

● is produced in at least 2,000 copies of a specific teaching kit consisting of:

- A notebook of study on the river ecosystem dedicated to children;

- An in depth manual for teachers;

- Lessons prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format, as support material for teaching .

40 schools are involved in cycles of 3 lessons each, some of which may be held in the structure built on the Ticino

 Emila Romagna Region:

● is produced in at least 10,000 copies of a specific teaching kit consisting of:

- A notebook to study the ecosystem of the Po River Delta and dedicated to children;

- An in depth manual for teachers;

- Lessons prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format, as support material for teaching.


10,000 of these kits at least 2,000 will be awarded to the province of Piacenza and the same to that of Rovigo

 Province of Piacenza:

● receives at least 2,000 copies of the teaching kit produced by the Emilia Romagna Region

● 20 organizes guided tours for 40 schools (up to 30 children at a time) to the fish ladder made of Isola Serafini in Action C1.

 Province of Rovigo:

● receives at least 2,000 copies of the teaching kit produced by the Emilia Romagna Region

● organizes at least 15 cycles of 3 lessons each at 30 schools


Actions F - Project Monitoring

Action F1: technical and administrative management of the project.

To manage this complex project, also because of the number of partners and activities to be implemented, the Lombardy Region as beneficiary of project coordinator prepares the start of a coordination between the partners in order to comply with terms and conditions for the ' progress of the project , according to the scheme summary table in the next figure .

Action F2: independent audit.

Certification of the adequacy of the final financial report produced by the project from the Italian legislation and the provisions of the Common Provisions of the LIFE + projects. An independent auditor will carry out this activity in the last half of the project.

Action F3: plan for technical and administrative management for the continuation of the activities of conservation of the river corridor.

Drafting a document containing the technical and administrative operational program for the management of shared and coordinated activities related to the conservation of the river corridor. In particular, the document will contain:

  • how to continuation of project activities over the term of the project ;
  • activities aimed at extending the migration corridor in the Piedmont section of the Po basin and major tributaries affected by the works of fragmentation ;
  • The priorities of shared and coordinated management of the Po river corridor, particularly with regard to the presence of the Natura 2000 Network.

For each of the activities will be indicated priorities, the timing, the institutions responsible for their implementation and an estimate of the budget required.

This program will be implemented in the last year of the project by the technical staff of the institutions belonging to the Coordinating Committee, created in Action E1, and institutional beneficiaries of the project, referring to the good practice developed within the project is that in ' context of other similar projects , with particular reference to Life , thanks to the networking developed by Action F4.

Action F.4: Networking with other projects Life.

Creation of a network of communication and exchange of experience with other projects working on issues of Life reconnection of river corridors and management of fish, particularly with regard to endangered species such as the sturgeon.

The selection of eligible projects will be done through the database of the projects Life on the website of the European Commission, and the contacts and the exchange of experience will be determined through a special section of the website conducted under Action E.3. The project coordinators will receive regular progress of the project thanks to the built in Action newsletter E.6, in addition to specific material, all in electronic form to reduce the carbon footprint of the project.

In particular, the Lombardy Region, responsible for the action, is committed to establish a network of discussion and exchange of experiences with other projects that have achieved Life fish ladders and other green infrastructure in favour of river connectivity (such as the project : LIFE Apron II LIFE04 NAT/F/000083).

The action will begin in the second quarter of the project in conjunction with the networking of the website and will continue for the duration of the project.

Action F5 : monitoring of project progress.

Project Coordination Structure and Management will constant check the project, supported by the Technical Monitoring Group, the results obtained from the project based on specific indicators developed for different actions.


Il sito è realizzato con il contributo dello strumento finanziario LIFE della Comunità Europea.