GRAIA s.r.l.

Graia is responsible for the design and implementation of operations to restore the continuity of the river’s passage, the control system and other infrastructural projects. In particular, in addition to the preliminary, final and executive design of the double artificial fish passage at the dam of  Serafini island, it works on the design and implementation of the cab monitoring, the structure for teaching linked to the fish pass, the structures housing continuous monitoring instrumentation and facilities for visitors.


Company Profile

The Company founded in 1991 by an initiative of four professionals in the field of aquatic ecology and ichthyology, today is made up of three members who coordinate and guide a large group of more than 15 employees and collaborators. The Company Graia operates in numerous fields with a multidisciplinary structure, thanks to the experience gained by the team in almost twenty years. In relation to the issues linked to "ConFluPo" the Company is responsible for:

• Ichthyology —> maps and plans fish, fish hatcheries, restoration of native species, ontainment of exotic species;

• Applied ecology and biomonitoring —> Biomonitoring, river ecology, limnology, Liming, Evaluation of the effects of dams and water diversions, evaluation of the DMV;

• Naturalistic engineering —> Environmental regeneration, urban runoff management, design and construction supervision of artificial passages for fish, fish farming systems, environmental modeling


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